Welcome to the new 'The Ultimate Campground Log MW©' for Mac & Windows
The Ultimate Campground Log MW© has a new look and feel.  It has been completely rewritten
for quicker access and for multiple platforms (Mac & Windows at this time).  Some of the screens
have been combined to make things a little simpler.
The Ultimate Campground Log MW© is very easy to use.  You will be creating your own logs in no
time at all!  The program was created by campers for campers.
We camp frequently and we like to keep track of all of our camping trips.  From year to year, it is a
challenge to remember all the campgrounds we have visited or checked out while we were camping
in the area.
What started out as a one page program evolved into The Ultimate Campground Log© and now
The Ultimate Campground Log MW©.  I incorporated DROPDOWN lists and CHECKBOXES to save
time when entering the information.  The program has the functionality to capture as much or as little
information about campgrounds as is desired.  At minimum, a campground name is required but you
can go as far as storing all the information about a campground - pictures, maps, pricing, future
reservations, visit history and trip history, journals and much, much more!
NEW IN THIS VERSION:  The Ultimate Campground Log MW© now allows you to keep track of
your travel expenses, maintenance records, trip history, trip journals, contacts and more.
Using The Ultimate Campground Log MW© will give you more of an understanding of the program
and you will see just how easy it is to use.
I hope you enjoy using The Ultimate Campground Log MW©.