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Campground Visit History
Enter a new visit to the campground into visit history. Check the boxes and enter the
information that applies.  At minimum, an arrival date must be entered.
Trip History
Enter information pertaining to a new trip into trip history.  Check the boxes and enter
the information that applies.  At minimum, the start date and one campground is
necessary for a trip.
This screen is for entering a future campground reservations.  You must have a
minimum of an arrival date.  Click the Save and Close button when done.
View Slide Show
View the campground pictures and maps.
Manage Pictures or Maps
Add or delete campground pictures and maps.
Campground Site Rates
This screen allows you to maintain the site rates.
Additional Fees, Discounts,  Boat Rentals & Payment Methods
These four sections are now in one window.  Enter additional fees charged for features
or services.  If the campground offers discounts, enter the amount of each discount
offered.  Enter information about boat rentals available at the campground.  Indicate
which payment methods can be used at this campground.
Type Of Sites
Enter information about the type of sites offered at the campground.
Campground Rules & Policies
Enter the campground rules and/or policies that are important to you.
Additional Facilities, Amenities & Services
These three sections are now in one window.  Indicate which facilities the campground
offers and which campground amenities are offered.  Indicate which services are
provided by the campground.
Recreation Activities
Indicate which recreational activities offered at the campground.
Campground Wildlife & Pest
These two sections are now in one window.  If notable, enter the animals you saw while
you visited the campground or in the area.  (At one campground, we saw bald eagles -
that was notable!!)  Enter any pests that were prevalent at the campground.
For instance, black flies were an issue at a particular location at the end of June.
Links To Area Websites
Store website addresses for places you might like to visit while you are in the area.
Enter a descriptive name and then enter the website link information for up to six websites.
Places To Eat (or NOT)
Note your favorite restaurants or restaurants you want to remember NOT to go to again.
Camping Checklist
This is a checklist for your RV and other things.
Camping Friends
Keep pertinent information for people you meet while camping or on a camping trip.
EZ Maintenance
Keep a record of maintenance on your RV or vehicles.
Driving Directions
This option is used to get driving directions (provided you have an Internet connection).
It will automatically populate the campground's address, city and state information.
Campground Website Resources
Website resource links.  Find campgrounds around the country.
Camping Forum Memberships
Track the forums that you have joined.  Just double-click on the forum name to go to the